The Judgmental Flower

Basic Info: Written by Julia Cook. Illustrated by Anita DuFalla. Published by Boys Town in 2016. Book Review: In this flower patch, things have always been the same. Purples hang with Purples, and Talls hang with Talls. Blues hang with Blues, and Shorts hang with Shorts! When a purple flower moves into the blue part... Continue Reading →


Monster Trouble!

Basic Info: Written by Lane Fredrickson. Illustrated by Michael Robertson. Published by Sterling Children's Books in 2015. Book Review: Winifred Schnitzel isn't afraid of anything - all she wants is to get some sleep! Every night, the neighborhood monsters come into her room trying to scare her or gross her out by belching and growling!... Continue Reading →

Zapato Power: Freddie Ramos Takes Off

Basic Info: Written by Jacqueline Jules. Illustrated by Miguel Benitez. Published by Albert Whitman & Company in 2010. Book Review: This book tells the story of Freddie Ramos, who comes home one day to find a strange box addressed to him. He opens it to find special shoes that give him zapato power! Now that... Continue Reading →

The Wild Robot

Basic Info: Written by Peter Brown. Published by Hachette Book Group in 2016. Book Review: Roz, a robot, wakes up on an abandoned, remote island all by herself. She doesn't know why she's there, but she knows she has to survive. She braves storms and a bear attack, and learns that the only way to... Continue Reading →

Mira Forecasts the Future

Basic Info: Written by Kell Andrews. Illustrated by Lissy Marlin. Published by Sterling Children's Books in 2016. Book Review: Mira lives in a family where being able to tell the future is almost expected because her mother is the famous fortuneteller Madame Mirabella. Mira just can't do it - she looks into a crystal ball... Continue Reading →

Dragons Love Ice Cream

Basic Info: Written by Brett Fowler. Illustrated by Harriet Kim Anh Rodis. Published in 2015 by CornerTrade. Book Review: Dragons Love Ice Cream is an adorable short story told in rhymes of dragons who just appreciate a good ice cream cone! This book teaches some basic skills like tall vs small, basic counting and color identification.... Continue Reading →

Aliens for Breakfast

Basic Info: Written by Stephanie Spinner and Jonathan Etra. Illustrated by Steve Bjorkman. Published by Random House in 1988. Book Review: Aliens for Breakfast is about a boy named Richard Bickerstaff, who is a perfectly normal boy until one day, an alien named Aric comes out of his cereal box. Aric tells Richard that Aliens have... Continue Reading →

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