The Judgmental Flower

Basic Info:

Written by Julia Cook. Illustrated by Anita DuFalla. Published by Boys Town in 2016.

Book Review:

In this flower patch, things have always been the same. Purples hang with Purples, and Talls hang with Talls. Blues hang with Blues, and Shorts hang with Shorts! When a purple flower moves into the blue part of the flower patch, Blue isn’t sure what it thinks about that! Luckily, Blue’s mom is there to teach Blue to learn from the wind, the rain and the bees who treat all flowers exactly the same. This book, from an award-winning author, is great for children (and adults) who are struggling to accept differences in others or even just those exposed to many different kinds of people every day. Help your child(ren) learn to treat everyone the same no matter how different they are!


This is a list of other Julia Cook books (including It’s Hard To Be a Verb!)

This includes a variety of lesson plans for a number of age-levels that help teach tolerance and acceptance!



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