It’s Hard To Be a Verb!

Basic Info:

Written by Julia Cook. Illustrated by Carrie Hartman. Published by National Center for Youth Issues in 2008.

Book Review:

Louis is a little boy who is always up to something. Unfortunately, it’s usually the wrong something! He is always on the move and you know what? It’s hard to be a verb! This wonderful book tells a story that is familiar to many children who struggle with hyperactivity issues. It won the Mom’s Choice Award for Excellence and is a necessary addition to any library. Do you have a kid in your life who just can’t stop moving? You need this book!


This is a list of other Julia Cook books, all of which talk about a different issue that children face – including The Judgmental Flower.

This is a guide that includes best practices and strategies for teaching children with ADHD. Some of it may also be helpful if your child doesn’t have ADHD, but still feels like a verb sometimes!



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