Basic Info:

Written by Ann E. Burg. Published by Scholastic in 2016.

Book Review:

When Grace is called to work into the main house, she’s told by her parents to keep her head down and her mouth shut – don’t cause trouble! Grace is confused about why white people get to make all of the rules, and why they get to own black people. Grace just can’t keep her mouth shut and one day, she voices one of her thoughts and how she and her family need to run. Unbound tells the story of Grace and her family as they travel along the underground railroad, facing all that that entails. This beautiful novel-in-verse can make the experience of slavery, and of escaping it, a lot more real to a lot more kids.


Readers who enjoyed this book may also enjoy All The Broken Pieces and Serafina’s Promise both written by the talented Ann E. Burg.

This activity from Scholastic offers a way to learn about the unground railroad in an engaging and interactive way.



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