Princess Smartypants

Basic Info:

Written by Babette Cole. Published by the Putnam Berkley Group in 1997.

Book Review:

Princess Smartypants never wants to get married! She just wants to live with her animals in her castle and do whatever she wants – she wants to be a Ms. not a Mrs.! When her family pressures her to get married, she develops a set of impossible questions and tasks for her suitors to complete. Everyone is failing, as expected, Prince Swashbuckle comes around. Is he worth becoming a Mrs.? This adorable and light-hearted fairytale puts the choice in the hands of the princess. Her sassy demeanor is sure it resonate with little girls everywhere.


This has a full array of worksheets to purchase that correspond to this book and help hammer home those crucial literacy concepts!

This unit plan has a way to incorporate Princess Smartypants into every subject!



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