Princess Academy

Basic Info:

Written by Shannon Hale. Published by Bloomsbury in 2005.

Book Review:

Miri lives on a mountain that has always been simple and ordinary (as ordinary as a mountain in a fairytale can be). One day, the king’s priests announce that the prince is going to choose his princess from her village! Miri doesn’t know what she wants, but she doesn’t have time to figure it out before bandits come to the Princess Academy to kidnap the future princess! It is up to Miri to figure out how to save all of the possible princesses – including herself. This Newberry Honor book is perfect for kids who either love both fairytales and mystery, or kids who love mystery books but aren’t so sure about fairytale books. Princess Academy is sure to win over even the most cynical readers.


This has great activity ideas and discussion questions.

This has basically everything you could want for teaching Princess Academy (lesson plans, author interviews, discussion questions, etc.).



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