Basic Info:

Written by Danielle Findlay. Illustrated by Sean and Cody McGrath. Published by Domnizelles Publications in 2012.

Book Review:

Pepper is the story of a young girl who was discovered by her adoptive parents, Mr. and Mrs. Greene, in their pepper patch! Pepper has always loved gardening and being outdoors, but it isn’t until she gets a finger prick one day in the garden that she realizes she may be a tad bit extraordinary. When her town is hit with a drought, it is up to Pepper to save them! This story, though not a traditional chapter book, is still a great stepping-stone for children ready to move on from picture books and into longer reads. This is great for readers who love a little bit of girl-power!


This has a list of other awesome fairytale for kids who love girl-power stories!

Due to the nature of the story, this could be used as part of a larger unit on gardening and droughts. This could be used in Language Arts, which Science could be about plants and Social Studies can be about how areas of the country or the world have been affected by droughts! Math could even get involved with measuring gardens, calculating area, measuring plants, etc.!


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