Once Upon a Memory

Basic Info:

Written by Nina Laden. Illustrated by Renata Liwska. Published by Hachette Book Group in 2013.

Book Review:

This adorable poem is all about wondering if new things remember that they were once something else. It starts with “Does a feather remember it once was… a bird?” and only gets cuter from there. The beautiful illustrations that accompany this touching poem only make it that much better. This book is simple to read and does not have many words, but is great for anyone! I would even suggest having parents who are maybe a little bit too hard on their child read this book.


This has a great idea for reflectively reading this book, both with children and adults.

To accompany this book, it might be interesting to have children use this poem as a template to make their own poems. They can find their own new things and try to connect it with whatever it used to be (ex. Does my pencil remember it once was a log?”).



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