New Shoes

Basic Info:

Written by Susan Lynn Meyer. Illustrated by Eric Velasquez. Published by Holiday House in 2016 (reprint edition).

Book Review:

One day, Ella Mae’s brother give her a pair of hand-me-down shoes that just don’t fit and she has to go get a new pair. She’s very excited until she gets to the shoe store and has to keep waiting to get helped because she’s black and all of the other customers are white. She doesn’t like this so she and her friend decide to repair and restore old shoes and sell them to other members of their community so that all of her African-American customers can be treated fairly. This book of determination and fairness is set in the south in the times of segregation and is sure to give modern-day children a different perspective on the racist south.


This has information about the author, articles, and lesson-based resources for teachers.

This resource from PBS has fun ideas for before, during, and after reading this book with a class of young students.



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