Monster Trouble!

Basic Info:

Written by Lane Fredrickson. Illustrated by Michael Robertson. Published by Sterling Children’s Books in 2015.

Book Review:

Winifred Schnitzel isn’t afraid of anything – all she wants is to get some sleep! Every night, the neighborhood monsters come into her room trying to scare her or gross her out by belching and growling! She has to come up with a way to get them to leave her alone! Luckily for her, monsters can’t stand kisses. Read this cute book to your little monsters and a round of adorable affection is bound to follow. This book is also great for those kids who are especially afraid of monsters under their bed – give them a plan of attack!


This is a list of a few more books that can help kids who are afraid of monsters, the dark and more!

This book could also be fun to read as a class, and then let each child develop their own silly way to get rid of the scary monsters under their bed (ex. Every time I touch my big toe, the monsters run away!). Help kids gain control of their fears by letting them draw a picture of their monsters and develop their own plan of attack.



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