Mango, Abuela, and Me

Basic Info:

Written by Meg Medina. Illustrated by Angela Dominguez. Published in 2015.

Book Review:

When Mia’s abuela leaves her house in the sunshine amid palm trees and birds to come live with Mia in the city, Mia realizes that she and her grandmother don’t speak the same language. Mia tries to teach her abuela English and her abuela tries to teacher her Spanish, but it’s taking to long; Abuela can’t learn all of the words necessary to tell Mia all of her stories! When Mia sees a parrot in a pet shop window, she thinks she may have the perfect idea for bridging this communication gap. This heartwarming tale is a reality for many children today whose families recently immigrated to America. This is an excellent book to read if there are children in your life who struggle to speak the same language as the loved ones around them.


This has lesson plans, author interviews and book guides!

This “Celebrating Diversity” lesson plan can be used with this book, and many others as well!



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