Dragons Love Ice Cream

Basic Info:

Written by Brett Fowler. Illustrated by Harriet Kim Anh Rodis. Published in 2015 by CornerTrade.

Book Review:

Dragons Love Ice Cream is an adorable short story told in rhymes of dragons who just appreciate a good ice cream cone! This book teaches some basic skills like tall vs small, basic counting and color identification. Mostly, though, it’s just a fun book that young readers can practice reading on their own! The predictable rhyming pattern helps guide children’s reading and fosters literacy skills. This popular book is sure to keep children engaged and reading!


Kids who like this book may also like Dragons Love Tacos, Dragons Love to Share, and Dragons Love Words!

This is a video of the whole book being read! (Don’t worry, it’s just annoying enough that your kids will love it.)



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