Fairy Farts – Everything You Never Knew About Flatulence in the Fairy Kingdom

Basic Info:

Written and illustrated by Kelli Hansen. Published by FindTheWay in 2017

Book Review:

Fairy Farts – Everything You Never Knew About Flatulence in the Fairy Kingdom tells the story that fairies don’t want you to know! This adorable story takes place in the imagined world of fairies, but certainly incorporates down-to-earth humor. This story can help teach little kids that even things as beautiful and graceful as fairies have normal bodily functions. This can help normalize this for young children who are a little embarrassed of their bodies. This book is also great because it is able to make fairies seem funny even to those kids who think that fairies are a little too pink for them.


This book would be a great way to teach a lesson normal bodily functions to a group of children who are too embarrassed to talk about it! This could basically be the “sex-ed” equivalent for younger grades. Children can learn to talk about their bodies in a safe and appropriate way long before they ever need to have those conversations with a partner.

This book could also just be a silly way to introduce a unit on fairies or story-telling!



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