Star Stuff: Carl Sagan and the Mysteries of the Cosmos

Basic Info:

Written and illustrated by Stephanie Roth Sisson. Published in 2014 by Roaring Brook Press.

Book Review:

This is a great, short, and approachable biography of astrophysicist and astronomer Carl Sagan. The beautiful illustrations offer an amazing look at what it’s like for a child with an intense imagination to live in the world. This book talks about Carl Sagan’s initial interest in the universe and follows his life-story, at a child’s level, as he goes to college, had a television show, and makes all sorts of important discoveries. This story will inspire children to pursue their interests and push their limits.


This has interviews with Stephanie Ross Sisson as well as a couple of lesson plan ideas.

This is a nasa website that has plenty of awesome space-related activities to use in conjunction with this book to spark an interest in science and the universe.



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