The Sneetches and Other Stories

Book Info:

Written by Dr. Seuss. Published by Random House in 1961.

Book Review:

The Sneetches and Other Stories is a story written in a sing-songy, poetry-style form that tells the story of the Sneetches. In this story, there are the star-bellied Sneetches and the plain-bellied Sneetches; the star-bellied Sneetches lived lives of fun while the plain-bellied sneetches had nothing. The story continues to explain that this is all basically nonsensical because everyone is the same inside. This story is great for introducing the idea of segregation and racism to young, early elementary-aged children. It is easy to read, and a great way to start a discussion on differences and discrimination.


This is a great place to start the conversation about diversity and discrimination with young children.

This is an awesome activity about using the Sneetches as a way to end discrimination in real-life (ex. stop teasing).



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