Ruth and the Green Book

Basic Info:

Written by Calvin Alexander Ramsey and Gwen Strauss and illustrated by Floyd Cooper. Published in 2010.

Book Review:

Ruth and the Green Book tells a story from Ruth’s perspective, a young girl who travels with her family from Chicago to Alabama in the 1950s. She is faced with racism at a hotel and at a gas station, but when a friendly attendant shows Ruth and her family The Green Book, a book full of places considered safe for and welcoming of black people, she and her family and travel safely. This book is great because it shows another part of American history that not everyone knows about. Ruth and the Green Book is great for children in late-elementary school who want to learn more about American history and racism/discrimination before the civil rights movement.


This contains another review of the book as well as a variety of lesson plans for this book.

This has 15 discussion questions that correspond with Ruth and the Green Book.



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